"Oftentimes, a coach will see the client's potential, their greater vision for their life, their big, bold beautiful dream even before they are able to glimpse it for themselves. It is my role as your coach to hold that vision and belief even if you don't yet have the capacity, and to always keep it visible so you can keep working towards it."

Coaching is a great way to have support as you move towards a new goal, phase or chapter in your life, and it doesn't have to be about professional success or accomplishments. Most commonly, coaching is associated with career success, but there is so much more potential to access through coaching. First and foremost, my purpose as your coach is to help you reconnect with yourself, however that looks to you.

Coaching is a space of co-creation with you, the client, because even though sometimes it may not feel like it, YOU are the expert of your life. As your coach, I hold space for you to explore what you are experiencing in your life: your emotions, your long-held beliefs and limiting narratives, your bold dreams and inspiring goals. I do this by asking deeply reflective questions and supporting your navigation through these topics without judgement or steering the conversation. My role as your coach is to provide the framework for you to dig into your issues and situations, as deeply as you want to go, allowing room for new insight and awareness to come through. This is the first step in building a foundation that is in alignment with your values and inner truth, from which the most potent and aligned steps can be identified together, and action can be taken. Action doesn't have to be an act - it can be a shift in mindset as well. 

As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained professional, I uphold the competencies the ICF have identified as the benchmark standard for coaching practices globally. My training has incorporated the IFC certified Mind Rebel Academy framework and this methodology is referenced in my coaching and training programs. I also reference other modalities, including breathwork, somatic practices to support healing and integration, as well as Internal Family Systems (IFS). 

Coaching is for you if...

  • you are ready to take a bold step into a new career or area of personal development;
  • you are looking to shift your perspective on life and want more internal peace and ease;
  • you are experiencing a significant change or transition in your life and are not sure how to move forward (ie. divorce/separation, motherhood, retirement, etc.);
  • you are feeling 'stuck' or overwhelmed and are not able to move forward;
  • you are looking for support as you explore a new direction, or are looking for a place to feel safe to explore the 'tugs' that have been popping up and pulling you towards an unexpected and different path;
  • you are looking for more fulfillment and satisfaction in your life, but are unsure what that might look like or even how to begin to explore;
  • you have an inner knowing that is telling you there is more for you to experience, that there is more to this life for you, but are not sure what to do about it.

If you are interested, please set up an Exploratory Session. It is a FREE hour long session (video or in-person) to see if coaching is a good fit. 


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Find more satisfaction in life

Find more satisfaction in life

In order to get started, you can either book a session through my online scheduler below, or call or e-mail my office, and my assistant will get the process started.